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Remote Support Services

01. Fully Staffed Remote Support

Good support is key to ensuring your business equipment remains up and running. We can respond to issues on demand throughout your business day. We also offer support after-hours, when your location needs it. While we will do everything we can to resolve your issue over the phone sometimes a site visit is required (see additional services below).

02. Internet, WiFi and Networking

Ensuring your entire network is running properly is a critical for every business today. We can quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues with your Internet provider and ensure your WiFi and network are properly configured to support your business and be secure against outside attacks.

03. Desktop, Laptops and Printers

Resolving hardware and software issues can be frustrating when you are trying to operate your business. We can remote in and address most issues with your computers and printers quickly and efficiently to help you get back to running your business.

04. Audio & Visual Systems

We have years of experience installation and supporting audio and visual platforms from simple solutions at a small retail store to multi-floor complex installations found in fortune 500 retailers. Our team has years of hands on experience designing, installation, and supporting these systems.

05. Security Cameras

We provide support to and can also set-up and maintain security cameras at your business, which can be easily viewed by you from any offsite location via mobile device or computer. Our technicians have experience with multiple brands, and are qualified to work on facilities of any size.

06. Industries Served

  • Health & Fitness

  • Franchised Locations

  • Multi-location Operations

07. Additional On-Site Services

In the event you need a qualified technician to visit your location to solve a problem or provide new equipment we will schedule one of our trusted and experienced team members to visit your location. Our nationwide network of on-site technicians are all qualified low-voltage contractors capable of solving any issue. Fees for on-site visits are quoted on a case-by-case basis. However standard rates are $250 for the initial visit (includes travel to and from your location).



Subscription Rate: $129/Month

Our Remote Support Membership is a monthly plan which gives you unlimited access to our remote tech support team. Once enrolled, you will have access to our technicians from 4:00am to 8pm EST Monday – Sunday, to get immediate help with any issues you are experiencing, or answers to any questions you have. The subscription is location based. If you have multiple locations we will quote you a custom rate.

Specialized Support

Many of our subscription clients have unique support needs. If you have unique equipment that relates to your business operations we can train our team to support those needs. For example: many fitness centers use specialized hardware and software to run their classes and display their customer's workout progress on screens throughout their venue. We can quickly adapt to your unique elements and train our team on how to support them. 

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